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Fish Balls
Fish balls are cooked food. The ball is made of fish meat that has been finely pulverized.

Awards & Achievements

March, 2008
Guest of Honor
for For excellence work in fishery by R.K.S.D. College Kaithal.

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common carp

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About Sultan Fish Seed Farm

We are the first private fish farm situated in Haryana recognized for supply of fish seed to Haryana Govt. SFS Farm is equipped with all the latest gadgets in aquaculture business and in the position to supply any kind of quality and quantity of culturable carps.
Our goal
is to develop and promote sustainable aquaculture and in pursuit of this staff carries out research across most areas of aquaculture science with technical guidance and help from Fisheries Scientists of NDRI in the following fields.

Fish Culture
Fish Breeding
Fish Disease
Fish Nutrition
Aquaculture Systems
Significant Achievement of Farm:
Demonstrated Fish Farming on scientific lines in village ponds including aeration of ponds.
First Private Fish Seed Farm in Northern India.
First Chinese Fish Breeding Pools and Hatchery in Northern India.
Advancement of Induced Breeding by four months.
Breeding of Catfish in Captivity.
Culture of Giant Fresh water prawn.
Highest producer of Fish Seed in Northern India.
Bulk supplier of fish seed and spawn to Govt. of Haryana.
Supplier of Fish Seed to Farmers of Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujrat, U.P. and Chattisgarh.